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Safar Ki Dua

Safar Ki Dua in Arabic Text Calligraphy with English translation, dua for traveler, dua for journey, Prayer for Travel Artwork: Free CDR file, PNG and PDF image File Free Download Vector, safar me hifazat ki dua. safar ki dua for car.

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Safar Ki Dua in Arabic Calligraphy: Prayer for Travel Free CDR file, PNG and PDF File Free Download Vector

This beautiful artwork features the Safar Ki Dua (Prayer for Travel) with English translation rendered in elegant Arabic calligraphy. The words hold deep significance for Muslims embarking on a journey, seeking protection and blessings from Allah. Prayer dua for travel in English translation. The intricate strokes and curves create a harmonious visual representation of faith and devotion. Safar ki dua image, safar ki dua for car, Dua safar ki Download free CDR file, PDF, and PNG files.

Safar Ki Dua, also known as the Prayer for Travel, holds great significance in Islamic culture. This prayer is often recited by individuals embarking on a journey, seeking protection and blessings from Allah. The Arabic calligraphy of the prayer adds a touch of beauty and spirituality to its visual representation. The translation of this dua in English is as follows: O Allah, make our journey easy for us, and make our destination closer and safer. Protect us from any harm or misfortune during our travels, and grant us Your divine guidance and blessings throughout the journey. Reciting this prayer before commencing a trip not only serves as a source of comfort but also instills a sense of trust in Allah’s protection. The elegance of the Arabic calligraphy combined with the powerful meaning of this prayer makes it a cherished piece of art for those who appreciate the beauty of Islamic culture.


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