How to send logo design proposal on Upwork tutorial | Live Logo Designing in CorelDraw Urdu/Hindi

We learn in this tutorial,

  • How to bid on a logo design proposal on Upwork with live logo designing in CorelDraw.
  • First, select any logo design job on Upwork then send a proposal with the logo sample to increase the chance of getting the jobs on Upwork quickly.
  • Please study the client’s logo design job requirements carefully
  • Create a quick logo design sample according to the client’s requirements
  • Submit a proposal with a sample to the client on Upwork.
  • Proposal with sending samples to increase the chance of getting the jobs on Upwork
You can watch a full detailed video tutorial live, How to create quick Logo Design in CorelDraw in Urdu/Hindi. Upwork tutorial for beginners, this video helps you, how to get your first job on Upwork.

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