How To Make A Logo Gif Full (a-z) Process in Hindi

How do Logo Layers Separated in Adobe Illustrator to Prepare a File for After Effects Animation.

Adobe Illustrator File Creation Method for AE Animation

open your logo in illustrator, Please check your logo in RGB colour?

Change Your Logo Colour Mode from CMYK to RGB 

Resize canvas size in 1080×1080 pix and enlarge the logo with the background to fit in size

First ungroup logo layers In Illustrator

Select logo icon and Cut logo with short key Ctrl+X and create a new layer and paste the Icon with the keyboard short key Crtl+F

Now Our Icon and Text are in Separate Layers

Now our logo is separated into 3 Layers.  Note: Please, Always choose and save the Ai format for After Effects Animation

Step 2 After Effect Animation

Import the illustrator Ai file from your destination folder Select the file and choose import as (Composition – Retain Layer Sizes)

Adobe Photoshop: Exporting Gif Process

Go to File and select Save for Web. Select in Looping options to Forever.500×500 pix or as client requirement.